What Resistor Do I Need To Drop 12v To 5v?

How do I reduce 12v to 5v?

Connect 12 v to pin 1 ,pin 2 is the ground and pin3 gives 5v.

Don’t want to use IC or not getting it,use a voltage divider using 2 resistors and you are done with it.

Connect 12 v across the series combination of 4.7k ohm and 6.8k ohm(readily available standard ) resistor and take the output across 4.7k ohm..

What resistor do I need to drop 24v to 5v?

You will require: Resistor (R1)190 Ohms – 2W or greater and (R2)50 Ohms (0.6W or greater). If you do not have the exact values stated then you will not get exactly 5 volts. Make sure that your load (what you want to use the 5v for) is a lot higher then 50 Ohms.

What resistor do I need to drop 24v to 12v?

2 Answers. If you need a high-power load resistor, you can get a long length of wire (enamel/transformer wire is best) and put it in a bucket of water. You now have an incredibly high-power resistor. If you want to drop 12V at 5A (probably less due to regulator overhead) then you want a 2.4 Ohm length of wire.

Can I use 12v for 5v?

It is Ohm’s law. Your device is R and 12/5V is V. Current is decided by Ohms law, I=V/R. With 12V your device will draw double the current and gets heated up because all current limiting values of your device are calculated for 5V source.

How do I reduce 5v to 1.5 V?

In the circuit, we use LM317 DC voltage Regulator. To reduce the 5V input voltage from USB Port to the 1.5V at 1.5A maximum output….How 5V to 1.5V converter circuit worksVref = 1.25 Volts.Typically R1 is 220 ohms or 240 ohms as a datasheet, But now this is 470Ω.The R2-resistors is 100Ω

Will 5v trigger a 12v relay?

You cannot activate a 12Vdc relay with 5V. A clamp diode is recommended just to protect a transistor driver from overvoltage. Verify voltage when active at coil. Most relay coils can handle 2x rated voltage at room temp.

What is the difference between 5v and 12v?

Re: 5V and 12V RGB Dumb strings As far as light output there is essentially no difference. The big difference is the current that each of the 2 types draw. 5V strings or strips have individual leds running off 5V.

How do you reduce a 12v to 5v with a resistor?

To divide voltage in half, all you must do is place any 2 resistors of equal value in series and then place a jumper wire in between the resistors. At this point where the jumper wire is placed, the voltage will be one-half the value of the voltage supplying the circuit. The 5V is now 2.5V. VCC is split in half.

Can I use a 5v power supply on a 12v?

A 5V adaptor cannot drive a 12V device. Also, an adaptor of voltage higher than the device needed would damage your device. … You can probably charge a phone faster with a 12 V car battery than with a 5 V power adapter.

What resistor do I need to drop 12v to 3v?

Putting four resistors in serial and connecting it with 12V power source. Taking voltage only from one resistor; thereby achieving 1/4 of power source from it. take a 12v 4ohms potentiometer where the pointer will be adjusted at 3 ohms so that the voltage at last 1 ohm will be 3v.

What resistor do I need for 12v LED?

We’ll use the following formula to determine the resistor value: Resistor = (Battery Voltage – LED voltage) / desired LED current. For a typical white LED that requires 10mA, powered by 12V the values are: (12-3.4)/. 010=860 ohms. To use several LEDs in parallel, sum the current values.

Can I use a 5v adapter to power a 4.5 V device?

If the current draw was less, the voltage would be higher. So your 4.5 VDC supply might be that at 1.6A, but at 1 A, it might be 5 volts. … They’re very stable on the output voltage and can kick out an amp or so. It’ll work fine.