What Does 3 LS Mean?

What is LS in civil engineering?

LS (Lump Sum) In a lump sum contract, the contractor agrees to a single lump sum price to complete all the work.

The owner transfers the cost risk to the contractor.

This method works best when the construction drawings are complete, so the contractor can accurately price the work..

What is the abbreviation for RSA?

RSAAcronymDefinitionRSARepublic of South AfricaRSARivest, Shamir, & Adleman (public key encryption technology)RSARehabilitation Services AdministrationRSAReliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (California)121 more rows

What is the difference between %F and LF?

4 Answers. The short answer is that it has no impact on printf , and denotes use of float or double in scanf . For printf , arguments of type float are promoted to double so both %f and %lf are used for double . … There is no difference between %f and %lf in the printf family.

What does LS stand for in quantity?

Longitudinal SectionLS stands for Longitudinal Section (measure)

What does MZ mean?

Ms-mz definitions (US, Canada) A title used before an adult female’s name or surname instead of Miss or Mrs. abbreviation.

What does L stand for in love?

L=loyalty O=0bsession V=vunerablity E=excitment. the more doubtful side of love…. L= lie O= obsess V=vicious E= extreme. in a sentence…. L= lovers O=often V= very E= emotional.

What does LS mean after a signature?

Locus SigilliExamples of Locus Sigilli The abbreviation L.S. may appear on notarial certificates to let the notary or other official know where the official seal should be affixed. It can also be used to let a signatory know where to affix their signature.

What does WTB mean?

wanted to buyBy Vangie Beal. On eBay, eBay alternatives, and classified ad Web sites, WTB is an abbreviation used to mean wanted to buy. This abbreviation would be used by a person who is looking to buy a particular item.

What is the meaning of LS?

LS means “Light Smoker”, “Lovesick” and “Life Story”.

What does lf mean?

Looking forLF means “Looking for”.

What was the first LS motor?

The engine family commonly called the LS series debuted in 1997. General Motors called it the Gen-III Small-Block, with the iron-block versions in trucks and the all-aluminum LS1 introduced in the then-new C5 Corvette.

What is LF unit?

LF Linear Foot A unit of count defining the number of feet (12-inch) in length of a uniform width object.