What Are Recreation Skills?

What does a recreation worker do?

Recreation workers design and lead activities to help people stay active, improve fitness, and have fun.

They work with groups in summer camps, fitness and recreational sports centers, nursing care facilities, nature parks, and other settings..

What are 5 recreational activities?

A: Outdoor recreational includes activities such as:Hiking and camping.Hunting and fishing.Canoeing, kayaking and rafting.Sailing and motorboating.Biking.Rock Climbing.Horseback riding.Skiing.More items…

What is recreation and examples?

Recreation refers to all those activities that people choose to do to refresh their bodies and minds and make their leisure time more interesting and enjoyable. Examples of recreation activities are walking, swimming, meditation, reading, playing games and dancing.

What are the 4 types of recreational activities?

Types of RecreationPhysical activities (sports, games, fitness, etc.)Social activities (parties, banquets, picnics, etc.)Camping and outdoor activities (day camps, resident camps, backpacking, float trips, etc.)Arts and crafts activities (painting, scrapbooking, ceramics, woodworking, etc.)More items…•

What are the duties of a recreation assistant?

Recreation Assistants work in leisure and fitness centers and provide support to clients. Typical duties highlighted in a Recreation Assistant resume include completing administrative tasks, maintaining supplies, greeting clients, answering to client inquiries, and ensuring hygiene and safety standards.

What is a recreation leader?

DEFINITION. The Recreation Leader is responsible to plan, organize and conduct activities for program participants of City sponsored recreational programs such as adult and youth recreation activities, special events, and camps.