Quick Answer: What Happens If Traffic Challan Not Paid In Hyderabad?

What is the fine for signal jumping in Hyderabad?


200/- for two, three, four & Six wheelers.


1000/- for any vehicle..

What happens if I don’t pay Challan?

Here’s what is going to happen to you if you will not pay your e-challan: First, a constable will visit at the registered address to collect the challan. … Third, if the person still refuses to attend the court session and to pay the e-challan, then his licence will be suspended.

What happens if I dont pay e Challan Mumbai?

A: If you fail to pay the E-Challan in Mumbai, a police officer will visit the registered address to collect it. If the payment is still not made, the offender will be called to court to justify himself in front of a judge.

Can I be fined twice for the same Offence?

No person can be fined twice for the same offence unless the offence in question is overspeeding. However, if the offender has lost the receipt of the earlier fine and if he is driving the vehicle in another state, he will have to pay the fine again.

Can a police officer take your keys?

Cannot force you out of the vehicle: A police officer can never force you to get out of the vehicle or take your keys off the ignition forcefully.

Can Challan be refunded?

In any case a person gets a wrong challan, the money will be refunded after verification.

How can I check my Challan online in Telangana?

How to Check Traffic Police Fine & e-Challan Status online in Telangana StateStep 1: Visit https://echallan.parivahan.gov.in/Step 2: Click on the ‘Check Challan Status’ tab on the homepage.Step 3: A new page will open where you need to enter either your DL number or vehicle number.More items…

How can I pay my pending challan in Telangana?

How to Make Telangana Challan Payment Online with Paytm?Enter Telangana e-Challan as the traffic authority.Enter vehicle number.Check your vehicle and challan details.Choose payment method of your preference i.e. Debit/Credit Card, Net banking or Paytm Wallet.

How do I complain about wrong Challan?

Sir, Kindly mail your grievance in detail at info@delhitrafficpolice.nic.in in this regard. The prosecution is based on an automatic camera-based system that scans the number plate of a violating vehicle and matches it with the database, followed by sending a message to the offender’s mobile phone.

Who can cut Challan in India?

But more the 100rs to impose on you is only the right of A SI or SI. Head constable cannot impose more than 100rs on you and constable has not any right to impose fine on you. If any traffic police cuts your challan without wearing dress then he has not any right to do that.

How much Challan is on the wrong side?

The penalty for driving on the wrong side of the road is Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 and/or up to 3 months in prison. The penalty for driving on the wrong side of the road is Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 and/or up to 3 months in prison.

How many Challans are allowed in Hyderabad?

10 challansHyderabad: Violators of traffic rules can land in jail if there are more than 10 challans pending against them.

What happens if I dont pay Challan Quora?

If you don’t pay the challan fine within 60 days, the police constable can reach your home. The case will be registered against the traffic offender under section 187 of Motor Vehicle Act. And also in the worst case, the matter reaches the court and your driving license could also get canceled.

Can I pay traffic challan online in Delhi?

Follow these steps to pay your e- challan online. Step 1: You need to visit Delhi’s traffic police website, i.e., delhitrafficpolice.nic.in. Go to the ‘Notice’ section, click on ‘Pending Notice’ tab. Step 2: After clicking on ‘Pending Notice’, you will be directed to the e-challan portal of Delhi traffic police.

What is the fine for triple riding?

Spot Fines – Traffic Do’s & Don’tsFine AmountSl. No.TRAFFIC OFFENCESFINE AMOUNT (Rs.)34Holding / using Mobile Phone while Driving / riding a VehicleFirst time 1000/-, 2nd & subsequent offences 2000/-35Not wearing Helmet while riding the 2Wheel Vehicle50036Triple riding50040 more rows

How can I check my e Challan Mumbai by car number?

How to check the status of E-Challan in MumbaiGo to the official e-Challan website. … You will be asked to provide any one of the details such as your registration number, driving licence information and so on.You will need to enter the captcha code.After this choose the “Get Details” option.More items…

How can I check my bike details online?

Step 1: Visit the official website of VAHAN to check the vehicle owner name. Step 2: On top of the page, click on ‘Know Your Vehicle Details’. (at Top Navigation menu) Step 3: On the new page, enter the vehicle registration number (Car or Bike Plate Number).

What happens if traffic Challan not paid in Andhra Pradesh?

You can pay the e-challan within the first 15 days after it has been issued. If you fail to pay your e-challan in 15 days then you will have to pay a late fee, the penalty amount differs from one state to another. Note that, if you do not pay your challan for a longer time then you can face strict punishments.