Quick Answer: Is The Uber Visa Card Worth It?

How does Uber Visa card work?

This is a debit card and checking account powered by GoBank.

You must open a GoBank checking account to receive the Uber Visa Debit Card.

Swipe the card at purchase to earn Cash Back rewards and get discounts at participating merchants.

For a list of merchants and more details about how to earn Cash Back, tap here..

Is the uber Visa debit card a credit card?

This card is only available to Uber drivers. Take note that this is a debit card, not a credit card. Cardholders earn cash back at gas stations (twice as much at Exxon and Mobil), along with a variety of other auto-related merchants.

What is uber Visa card?

The Uber Visa Card is a high-value rewards card that offers rewards in the form of Uber Cash for spending on Uber and Uber Eats, JUMP electric scooters and bikes, dining, hotels and airfare.

What credit score is needed for Uber visa?

Feature BreakdownCustomer TypePersonalEmployment Statuses ConsideredEmployed Full-Time Employed Part-Time Other Retired Self-Employed UnemployedImmigration Status ConsideredU.S. Citizen U.S. Permanent ResidentCredit Score Range690 – 850 850 300 6903 more rows

Does the Uber credit card have an annual fee?

Most notably, Forbes Advisor previously compared this credit card to the Wells Fargo Propel American Express® Card *. … One last little nugget of interest is that the Uber Credit Card has higher rates and fees than the JetBlue Card. Both cards have the same issuer, no annual fee, and no foreign transaction fee.

How do I put money on my uber card?

Add fundsOpen the Uber app menu and tap Payment.Tap Add Funds and select an amount to add to your Uber Cash balance.Select your payment method, then tap Purchase.

How do I get a Visa debit card for Uber?

Sign up for the Uber Visa Debit Card in the driver app. This is a debit card and checking account powered by GoBank. You will receive the card in the mail within 5-7 business days. Once you finish signing up and receive the card, swipe the card at the purchase to take advantage of Cash Back rewards and discounts.

Is the uber Visa card good?

The Uber Credit Card, issued by Barclays, is a great match for one kind of consumer: the Uber power user. No other consumer credit card offers the same uncapped 5% rewards rate on Uber spending. The $0-annual-fee card also offers a healthy rate back on certain other kinds of travel expenses as well as dining.

Is the new uber card metal?

This card’s been around for a while, but was refreshed in 2017 and changed to a metal design. It includes many travel benefits, like airport lounge access, Uber credits, and a Global Entry or TSA PreCheck credit. … There’s a $550 annual fee (Rates & Fees), but if you use all the benefits the card can be well worth it.

How do I use my credit card for Uber?

Redeem points instantly — To redeem your rewards points for Uber credits, just open the Uber app and tap your points balance from within the menu. To redeem for cash back or gift cards, open the Barclays U.S. mobile app (available on Android and iPhone).

How many credit cards should you have?

To prepare, you might want to have at least three cards: two that you carry with you and one that you store in a safe place at home. This way, you should always have at least one card that you can use. Because of possibilities like these, it’s a good idea to have at least two or three credit cards.