Quick Answer: How Far Can You Drive With A Bubble In Your Tire?

Is a tire bubble covered under warranty?

You are going to need to buy new tires.

Does my warranty cover my sidewall bubble problem.

If the bubble is the result of a manufacturing defect, your manufacturer warranty should indeed cover the replacement or a pro-rated replacement of your bad tire.

However, don’t count on the bubble being the manufacturer’s fault..

Can you fix a bubble in Tire?

No, unfortunately sidewall bubbles cannot be repaired. Because the area flexes while driving a patch will not stay in place. The bubble also indicates there is structural damage to the tire that cannot be repaired. A tire in this condition could fail without warning and should not be driven on.

What causes tire belt to break?

Usually, the belts break because you hit something. A pothole, a curb, something in the roadway. The belt might only be damaged by the hit and unravel over hundreds of miles as you drive.

Is it safe to drive with a bubble in Tire?

Driving on a tire that has a bubble is very dangerous and there is a high possibility that it will blow out on you. Your top priority should be getting the tire replaced as soon as possible because as more moisture and air seeps in, the bubbles will get larger.

How far can you drive with a nail in your tire?

If you have a nail in your tire, it is time to have a professional look at your vehicle. It may be safe to drive a short distance, but not much more than that. The first thing to do if you notice a nail in your tire is do not touch it. If the nail is deep enough, it can plug the hole so air does not leak from the tire.

Is it safe to drive on a tire with a broken belt?

When a belt is broken inside of a tire it will cause the tire to “bounce” since it is unable to keep its form. Think of a tire without a broken belt as a baseball, and the tire with a broken belt as a stress ball. … It is best to not drive a car with a broken belt, even for a short distance.

What does a bubble in your tire mean?

A bubble in the sidewall of the tire indicates that the inner liner has been damaged to the point that it’s allowing air to escape. Also, only the thin (nylon or polyester) sidewall plies are keeping the tire from a blowout. … Our Recommended Installers are also able to assist with the evaluation of a tire.

How long will a tire bulge last?

4-6 yearsIf the bubble forms as a result of a manufacturing defect, you could probably get the manufacturer to replace your tires for free. However, this depends on the time-frame as most warranties last 4-6 years or until the tread is gone, whichever comes first.

What are the warning signs of tire trouble?

Trouble signs to look forCracking or cuts in the sidewalls.Uneven tread wear. … Excessively worn tread. … Alternatively, you can use a Lincoln-head penny as a tread-wear indicator. … Bulges or blisters. … Excessive vibration.

What does a tire with a broken belt look like?

When a belt is broken underneath the rubber surface, as hump will present itself as the steel bands push against the tire. … Then, pull up as slowly as possible while they look carefully at each tire. If no hump is detected, have them stand on the other side of the vehicle so they can inspect the other two tires.

What happens if a belt breaks while driving?

This can lead to a sudden lost of power assist for the steering system, leading to the steering wheel all-of-a-sudden becoming very hard to turn. A broken serpentine belt may stop the water pump from circulating coolant through the cooling system, causing the engine can overheat.

Can I replace just one tire?

To replace just one or two tires without adversely affecting performance and safety, the other tires need to have an adequate amount of tread left. If your tires are pretty new, you may be able to get away with just replacing one or two tires.

Is sidewall tire damage covered under warranty?

Q: Are tires on new cars covered under warranty for damage like flats or sidewall damage? A: Nope, tires warranties are from the tire manufacturer and that type of damage is not covered.