Quick Answer: Do Leaf Spring Helpers Really Work?

Do helper springs help with towing?

Investing in the right helper springs enhances or replaces factory components, increases payload and towing capacities, decreases or eliminates sway, improves ride quality, and limits wear and tear on the vehicle..

Does adding a leaf spring increase towing capacity?

If your truck works as hard as you do, every day, adding a leaf to your existing spring pack is a great way to increase your load and hauling capacity. Adding a leaf can give the average pickup an extra 700+ pounds in carrying capacity. Adding a leaf to your springs will raise your truck between .

Do airbags make it ride smoother?

Will Airbags Make My Truck Ride Smoother? … While airbags can help, the better option for improved suspension is to get new and improved leaf springs. Depending on the size of your truck, you might need to add leafs to your springs to get the needed lift and smoothness from your vehicle.

How long do leaf springs last?

If you primarily drive your pickup on the highway to and from work and keep it in a garage, your springs can last well over 100,000 miles.

Should leaf springs be lubricated?

Modern leaf springs do not need lubricating with oil — which may damage any anti-friction material between leaves. Spray them instead with a silicone-based lubricant. With most modern cars, leaf springs are found mainly in the rear suspension. Raise the end of the car to clean them.

Do leaf spring helpers lift?

A leaf spring helper appears to lift the truck because it eliminates the sag commonly seen when a truck is loaded to its full capacity, but it’s really only keeping the truck at the level it would be if there was less weight in the back. … If you are looking for a lifted truck, we recommend a lift kit or leveling kit.

Do helper springs affect ride?

Ride quality Helper springs are designed to increase load capacity. But sometimes this affects ride quality. … Add a leaf can increase capacity (up to 800 lb) but will affect the unloaded ride quality. Air ride is always inflated, which can affect the unloaded ride quality.

Why do some coilovers have 2 springs?

So they put the helper springs in just to keep pressure on even when jacked up. they will be squashed flat when the car is on the ground. The helpers go underneath the main spring.

Do leaf springs go bad?

Why Leaf Springs Fail One of the main causes of leaf spring damage is when leaves generate friction between one another as the truck makes suspension movements. … However, even the tapered-profile single leaves of leaf springs eventually go bad or become compromised.

What’s better air shocks or airbags?

Air shocks are adjustable for the firmness of the ride. Air bags adjust the carrying load. Air bags can adjust the firmness of the ride as well on top of the ability to carry a load. An increase in air pressure will give a firmer ride and a decrease will give a softer ride.

Can you replace leaf springs with airbags?

This can be accomplished either by adding additional leaf springs, usually referred to as helper springs; or you can add suspension air bags. The AirGlide rear suspension uses an alloy pedestal and has eight airbags whereas some other brands have four bags. …

What does a helper spring do?

Help Springs are enhancement springs for high-performance, aftermarket suspensions used in Motorsports, Street Performance and Off-Road applications. The main purpose of the Helper Spring is to support, or help, the main spring by keeping it in contact with its spring perch when the suspension is at full droop.

Are helper springs necessary?

If the spring comes unseated from the perches during full droop then helper springs are a very good thing. yes, there are many out there who run without them. I would not recommend it. With my Koni insert/GC sleeve setup, my rear springs would unseat at full droop.

Why is the back of my truck sagging?

Truck squatting, also known as trailer sag, is when you can visibly see an excessive amount of stress on the truck’s rear axle. … A little sagging is normal when you first hook up the trailer to your pickup truck. Once it’s attached, the trailer will engage the leaf springs on the truck and straighten out the load.

Which is better air bags or helper springs?

Support: Helper springs will range anywhere from 550lbs to 3,500lbs while air bag helper springs will range from 1,00lbs to 5,000lbs. For a full size pickup, air bags will give you more load support than any of our steel helper spring models.

What are factory overload springs?

The overload leaf spring AKA “the muscle,” is designed to help the vehicle when it becomes weighed down while towing or hauling something heavy such as a truck camper or a trailer.

Do you need an alignment after replacing leaf springs?

No, you should be fine. 4 wheel alignment is typically done on all-wheel drive or 4wd vehicles so the tires aren’t “fighting” each other. You should be fine just replacing the leaf springs. … BTW, alignments should be done everytime new tires are bought, too, regardless of what kind of car you drive.