Question: What’S The Difference Between Stage 1 And 2 Clutch?

Does exedy make good clutches?

Exedy is very good.

They make the OEM clutches for all Honda’s and Acura’s as well as other manufacturers..

What does a Stage 2 clutch mean?

Stage 2 – This clutch has a dual sprung disc with full face Kevlar®. It offers the optimum street durability with smooth engagement. The characteristics are more of a street/daily driver feel however, this clutch can handle greater strain and will last far longer than the OE Clutch.

Do racing clutches last longer?

Racing clutches certainly are less durable in a daily driver application than OEM. The friction materials are much more prone to glazing, Often the friction materials are thinner, and lightweight flywheels don’t dissipate as much heat as a heavier oem flywheel would.

Which stage clutch should I get?

If you’re making up to 50whp over stock, you should be looking at stage one clutches which generally hold a 25-50% increase in torque capacity. The stage one clutches generally offer a slightly increased clamp load from the pressure plate and organic disc which will provide a similar stock pedal feel and engagement.

Is a Stage 3 clutch hard to drive?

Forget daily driving, a stage 3 clutch is what you need if you are serious about street, drag racing, pulling, and autocross use, and sometimes even drifting. … Plus, using a performance clutch is also likely to give your hard launches and stuttering hill starts, so leave it to those who truly need it on the track.

How can you tell your clutch is going?

Here are some of the signs your clutch is going:Squeaking or unusual grumbling noise when pressure is applied.Difficulty changing gears.The clutch pedal sticking, vibrating or appearing to feel spongey or loose.Poor acceleration but still having the ability to rev your engine.More items…•

Do you have to bed in a new clutch?

You should always bed in a clutch. If you overheat it the surface will glaze and its holding power will be massively reduced.

Is a Stage 1 clutch better than stock?

most likely, the stage 1 is going to have a stock clutch disk. there will be more clamping force with the pressure plate. It will hold up a little better to more torque, and a little more abuse than the stock.

Will a Stage 2 clutch make my car faster?

Yes, it makes your car faster; you can engage faster in higher gears. You can have a larger difference in RPM before engaging the clutch, and the clutch will take up more slack. Banned.

Does a clutch add horsepower?

As Norton mentioned, the power gains from the SPEC clutch increase power all across the horsepower and torque curves. Moreover a faster revving, more responsive engine and clutch system is something that is useful in more than just producing peak power.

How long does an Exedy clutch last?

both can last a 10 days or 10 years. I just pulled my clutch after about 35k – clutch, pressure plate & flywheel look brand new – of course, I’ve been driving a manual transmission for 30+ years.

What Is a Stage 2 tune?

A stage 2 tune involves fitting a turbo-back exhaust on turbocharged vehicles or a cat-back exhaust system on non-turbocharged vehicles. In either case, these systems are designed to improve airflow from the engine. They are also well-known for improving the sound of a car.

Is a 6 puck clutch better?

A puck-style clutch disc has more force per square inch on your flywheel than a full clutch disc. The fewer pucks on the clutch disc, the better it grabs on the flywheel. … On racing applications, a puck-style clutch disc is the better choice.

What brand clutch is best?

Best Clutch BrandsLuk. When you’re looking for a replacement clutch, one of the most comforting things to know about the product you’re buying is that the manufacturer knows what they’re doing. … ACT. … Sachs. … Exedy. … Valeo.

How long does it take to install a clutch kit?

As you evaluate the clutch replacement cost, you will want to keep how long it takes in mind as this directly affects the labor cost. Most of the time, the replacement will take between three and four hours. This varies based on the experience of your mechanic as well as your vehicle.

Can you put a stage 2 clutch in a stock car?

A stage 2 clutch or any clutch with a higher torque capacity won’t hurt, but isn’t needed for a stock or bolt-on engine.

How long should the average clutch last?

approximately 60,000 milesMost clutches are designed to last approximately 60,000 miles before they need to be replaced. Some may need replacing at 30,000 and some others can keep going well over 100,000 miles, but this is fairly uncommon.

Can you daily drive a Stage 3 Clutch?

It will be light enough for traffic and smooth enough for daily driving.