Question: How Long Is Ferry From St Thomas To St John?

Which is better St Thomas or St John?

St Thomas is more populated, has more hotels, and is way more developed than St John.

It’s also the busiest cruise port in the Caribbean.

This lends itself to having the superior nighttime scene, with more bar and club options, and a bit more energy..

Are there sharks in St John?

Nurse sharks, the most common shark seen around St. John, are found in tropical and subtropical waters of Eastern and Western Atlantic and Caribbean.

What is the best time of year to go to St Thomas?

The best time to visit the U.S. Virgin Islands is April to June, when you can expect mild weather and very little rainfall. In the USVI’s peak season, from December to March, the temperature ranges from the mid-70s to high 80s with breezy evenings.

How long is the taxi ride from St Thomas Airport to Red Hook?

Red Hook is the name of a little area or neighborhood (not quite a town) about a 20 – 40 min drive across St. Thomas from the airport, depending on traffic.

How much is a water taxi from St Thomas to St John?

PRIVATE WATER TAXI SERVICE TO ST. John is $395. If you don’t mind a 40 minute ride across the island you can take the water taxi from Sapphire Beach Marina to St. John for $195.

Do you need a car in St John USVI?

One of the best ways to see St. John is by car, and it’s recommended that you rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle, which you can get in town or reserve in advance. Always remember: Drive on the left and follow posted speed limits, which are generally very low. There are only two gas stations on St.

Is St John expensive?

Yes, St. John is a pricey place. Food, accomodations and rental cars are higher than many other places. … You could spend an entire week there and not spend any money outside of food, accomodations and car!

Is St John Safe?

St. John is very safe. It’s a small island with low crime. However, don’t leave your valuables out in the open at the beach (or anywhere) to avoid petty crime, like theft.

How much is the ferry from St Thomas to St John?

Thomas and Cruz Bay on St. John. That trip costs only $6.00 each way, takes approximately 20 minutes and runs hourly between 6:00 am and Midnight. The longer ferry route runs from downtown Charlotte Amalie on St.

Do taxis in St Thomas take credit cards?

Are credit card payments accepted in taxi cabs in the Virgin Islands? Yes, however most Vehicles for Hire/taxi cabs accept cash only. Credit card customers must alert the dispatcher or respective driver of their intent to pay with a credit card prior to boarding the vehicle.

What is the prettiest US Virgin Island?

Here’s our list of the 10 best U.S. Virgin Islands beaches:Salt Pond Beach, St. John. … Honeymoon Bay Beach, St. John. … Hull Bay Beach, St. Thomas. … Magen’s Bay Beach, St. Thomas. … Jack’s Bay Beach, St. Croix. … Judith’s Fancy Beach, St. Croix. … Sandy Point Beach, St. Croix. … Turtle Beach, St. Croix.More items…•

How long does it take to drive around St John?

So basically, if you just want to drive down every main road we have, it will take you three hours in the Jeep. If you want to explore neighborhoods, it will take longer. If you go off the main roads, it’s easy to get confused about where to turn on some places.

How much is the car ferry from St Thomas to St John?

Thomas; $3 per car, small SUV, motorcycle; and $4 per truck, van, large SUV; and the Red Hook ferry location services both passenger ferries and the car ferries but there are separate docking areas for each, with separate well marked entrances.

What is St John island known for?

With two-thirds of the island designated as a national park, St. John has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, like the much-beloved Trunk Bay. This beach is renowned for its crystal sands and underwater nature trail, and it just one of the many memorable beaches on St. John.

How long is the boat ride from St Thomas to Jost Van Dyke?

They have 2 daily ferry departures from St Thomas to Jost van Dyke and St John to Jost van Dyke….Features:From:St. Thomas (Charlotte Amalie)To:St. John (Cruz Bay)Departure days:DailyDeparture time:3.30 PM 5.30 PMApprox. Arrival Time:4.00 PM 6.00 PM1 more column

Is St Croix safe?

For a town of this small size, there is an unusually high crime rate. Guard your valuables or store them in hotel safes if possible. The same holds true for St. Croix and the back streets of Christiansted and Frederiksted.

Is there a ferry from Puerto Rico to St John?

ST. One Way $100 – Round trip $125. 2 hour trip. … Between Cruz Bay, St. John, Charlotte Amalie, and Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

How do you get from St Thomas to St John?

The only way to get to the island of St. John, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, is by boat. Any kind of boat will do, but for most people its likely to be a passenger ferry, charter boat, sail boat, water taxi, or car ferry; from St. Thomas.

Can you take a car from St Thomas to St John?

The car ferries travel between and Enighed Pond, St. John and Red Hook, St. Thomas. There are two companies that operate car ferries.

How long is the ferry from St John to St Croix?

The cheapest way to get from Saint John (Island) to St Croix is to ferry which costs $110 – $125 and takes 4h 24m.

Which island is better St Thomas or St Croix?

The U.S.V.I’s Quiet, Dignified St. … While St. Croix offers plenty of duty-free shopping, golf, historical landmarks, beautiful beaches and eco-opportunities, the island gets far less attention than glitzy St. Thomas and laid-back St.