Question: Do Tire Warranties Cover Blowouts?

When should you replace tire with sidewall damage?

Tires that have not been used for more than 5 years are also susceptible to dry rot/sidewall cracking.

The visible signs for dry rot are small cracks that appear on the side of the tire.

As stated earlier, sidewall tire damage requires that you immediately replace the tire when you notice a puncture..

What is considered sidewall damage?

Sidewall tire damage is defined as tire damage that encompasses issues and deficiencies with the side or wall of your vehicle’s tires. You may have huge chunks of rubber that are missing from your tire. You may also have deep and huge abrasions that are due to you hitting curbs.

What voids a tire warranty?

Under-inflation or over-inflation can void the tire warranty. We recommend checking your tire inflation pressure once a month. Wheel misalignment can also void the tire warranty.

Does insurance cover a tire blowout?

You are driving and run over a sharp object in the road. It causes damage to the tire. You have a blowout a few miles later. Most often, your auto insurance will not cover this. However, some policies may allow it to fall under comprehensive coverage.

Is a tire blowout considered an accident?

A tire blowout is not considered an accident unless other vehicles are involved.

Does State Farm cover tire blowouts?

It all depends on what kind of damage can a tire blowout cause. Most likely the tire itself will not be covered by your insurance company, whether it is State Farm, Progressive, or other company. Instead, it will usually only be covered by its own manufacturer’s warranty.

Can a nail cause a tire blowout?

If the nail is deep enough, it can plug the hole so air does not leak from the tire. … If you do not get your tire repaired soon, the tire could blowout causing an even bigger problem. A blowout causes a dangerous situation as you can potentially lose control of your vehicle.

How do you prevent tire blowouts?

The best way to prevent a blowout is simple, check your tires! Check for low leaks, wear and tear, proper pressure, and keeping your load light, within your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Schedule a service appointment today!

Why would a brand new tire blowout?

Improper compound balance or impurities/moisture getting into the tire during manufacture. They may result in a radial tear of the tire going from the bead to the tread. The tear may appear as a tire sidewall blowout, causing an accident.

Can a tire blowout be fixed?

This is because the sidewall of a tire flexes so much as you drive. … You risk a blowout by repairing a tire with a shoulder puncture, but not as high a risk as repairing a sidewall puncture. Cuts and gashes: If you have a cut in your tire, it is likely not repairable unless it is 1/4″ long or less.

Is sidewall tire damage covered under warranty?

Q: Are tires on new cars covered under warranty for damage like flats or sidewall damage? A: Nope, tires warranties are from the tire manufacturer and that type of damage is not covered.

What do you do if your tire pops on the highway?

How to Drive Through a Tire BlowoutKeep a firm grip on the steering wheel.Do not slam on the brakes.Let your car slow down gradually.Pull to the side of the road once you have slowed to a safe speed.Activate your emergency flashers.